YJC relies on donations to fund staff, facilities, resources, trainings, and job placements. Your donation will help more youth receive the training, support, and resources they need to start a career.


can cover the cost of a public transit pass for a youth who has no other way of getting to work every day. Transportation is often an unnecessary barrier to keeping employment.


would allow our skilled High School Career Advisors to deliver job-readiness training to a mobile site in a half- or full-day seminar.


contributes to the cost of a series of free one-on-one career advising sessions on goal setting, resume building, and interview skills. This customized support is available to anyone who walks through our doors.


could cover a stipend for a graduating high school senior to attend a bridge program. These programs are preventative and keep youth from becoming disconnected after graduation.


can cover the cost of providing one Career Pathways participant with a paid job work experience in a field such as retail, healthcare, or construction. That first paycheck means confidence and self-sufficiency for young adults.


YJC services are free to youth and free to employers. Funding for the $1.4mm budget comes from federal grants, private and corporate philanthropic foundations (about 40 total), and generous individuals.

YJC aims to grow our individual giving program while continuing to seek grants from mission-appropriate private funders. Your gift to YJC puts Career Advisors in more high schools, tests and refines job-readiness training curriculum, provides stipends to Out of School Youth interns, covers retention services so youth stay in the workforce, and more.

Your support of YJC ensures everyone has access to the future they want, regardless of their past.

All donations to YJC are unrestricted unless otherwise specified.