Our Mission

Success for young people, in the workplace and in life.

Youth Job Center envisions a future where all young people have the support to build a meaningful career and fulfill their potential, and for the last 35 years the agency has worked to make that vision a reality.

Youth Job Center provides work-readiness training, personalized career advising, job placement, and support to over 2,000 youth per year across Evanston, Chicago, and Cook County. 

Youth Job Center's support is not just about job placement and a paycheck. For many, YJC's support leads to an increased sense of self-worth, a way to contribute to the community and economy, and the ability to take on challenges that result in continued learning and personal growth.

Youth Job Center knows that it is not enough to simply help youth find a job, we must provide them with the tools needed to be independently secure so that they can continue to overcome obstacles throughout the course of their life.

Core Values

We Believe

  • Youth overcome barriers to employment when the playing field is leveled through skill-building, education, partnership, and increased opportunity

  • Work has the power to shape futures and change lives