When Hermalita entered the WILL program, she was homeless and coping with domestic violence. After dropping out of high school in 2004, she had no GED or high school diploma and was very depressed about her situation and unemployment. However, she still managed to maintain a positive outlook and motivation to turn her life around.

Since March, Hermalita has acquired a full-time position at Sprint as a wireless sales consultant! With the help of the YJC's partnership with WINGS and The Emergency Fund, Hermalita has also acquired her own apartment, after spending only 6 weeks at the newly built WINGS women’s shelter. Hermalita had issues getting approved for childcare assistance as well, but as of this month Action for Children approved her subsidy. Hermalita's daughter is now receiving excellent childcare services with a school on the North Side of Chicago.

Hermalita is empowered to show her daughter the true meaning of hard work and not giving up when life throws you roadblocks. The YJC helped Hermalita sign up for the GED test in April, and she passed all portions! She is currently waiting on her official certificate. Hermalita now has a GED, a full-time permanent job, and her own apartment, all completed in just 90 days of engagement with the WILL program! Hermalita WILL succeed!