Tana Francellno

Tana Francellno.PNG

Career Partnership Manager

(847) 864-5627 ext. 29

What do you like about your job?

I love being the bridge to youth career opportunities, relationship building with employers and navigating positive “change” at Evanston Township. It’s a new role with so much value. I’m really grateful to be a part of this work

Where did you work before YJC?

Books & Breakfast, I was the Site Director for a morning program preparing elementary students for their day socially, emotionally, and academically. I learned a lot about Evanston’s history, the equity gap and building community.

What was your first job?

My first job was in retail selling women’s clothing in the Old Orchard mall.

What did you learn from your first job?

I learned that with the right manager who invested in my success I could grow in an organization quickly. I’ve only had a few great leaders and I will never forget how they inspired me to be great personally & professionally. I model a leadership style that inspires, develops, and leads their staff to be successful. I was always more than just a “body” to fill shifts.

Has your career path gone how you expected?

In no way, I have reinvented my career a couple of times. I started in Retail, then moved over to Hospitality then I worked with some start-ups. I most recently ended up in nonprofit work leading and I absolutely love it!

Fun fact:

I love and watch old school 70’s comedy shows like Sanford & Son and The Jefferson’s. It’s my go-to for comedy relief.