Age: 18
Position: Customer Service Representative
Employer: Rue 21

Employed since: Just Hired!

As a student at Roger C. Sullivan High School, Joanna has worked with the Youth Job Center since her freshman year when YJC staff ran a Job Readiness Training for her class. Since then, she’s had various positions in catering and customer service, as well as an internship at St. Francis Hospital which she acquired as a student in Sullivan HS’s three year Medical Academy program.

This past fall, she  started working with YJC Career Advisor Diana Balitaan on finding a permanent part time position. After many applications and interviews, Joanna got a position this past month at Rue 21 as a customer service representative. In addition to her position, Joanna will be attending additional trainings to learn more and to gain exposure to the manager position.

Joanna thanks YJC staff for all of their assistance and continual support: “The feedback [from past interviews where I did not get the job] really helped me think about how to put my best self out there… I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

As a graduating senior, Joanna will be studying nursing in the fall.