Everybody wins

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Dear friends, partners, supporters, and community,

In this article, you’ll hear about our summer jobs and internship programs, as well as critical employer partnerships.  As summer winds down, it’s a great time to reflect and at YJC, we are constantly learning and incorporating new lessons into our programs.

In recent years, we’ve learned the incredible value of working side-by-side with employers, building trusting relationships that can navigate challenges. Together, we are building programs that don’t stop at placing young people in jobs, but that work with employers and our participants to increase retention on the job and provide opportunities to advance in a career.

Everybody wins.

At YJC, we are replicating components of Gap Inc.’s This Way Ahead model, which has grown into a highly successful program. In this model, job seekers are provided with customized training for internships, so they are able to step into the job knowing specifically what that employer wants. Once placed, they are supported by managers who have been trained to build on their strengths, identify potential, and nurture growth.

This model presents a win for employers because they build a stronger, more loyal workforce and reduce the high cost of turnover. According to a study by the Center for American, on average, the costs to find, hire and train a replacement is between 10 and 30 percent of their annual wage, estimated at $3,328 for a minimum-wage employee: (https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/economy/reports/2012/11/16/44464/there-are-significant-business-costs-to-replacing-employees/). Furthermore, when you include hiring, onboarding, and training, the actual costs are likely much higher.

The young people placed win because they receive targeted support from both YJC staff and from their new employer. They experience success on the job, but it doesn’t end there. YJC works with employers to determine the participants opportunities to gain new strengths and grow into a variety of areas.  And these components increase retention, job success and job satisfaction.

At YJC, our staff are creative, persistent and, committed. The work is satisfying, challenging, and innovative. We embrace how important it is to be nimble, modifying our practices in our goal of helping young people onto a path toward a living-wage career, and we deeply appreciate our employer partners who do the same.


Karen T. Demorest
Executive Director