Why we do what we do

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Being part of the YJC is an absolute delight! And sometimes a challenge. YJC participants have amazing potential! And some face obstacles in moving forward. Staff love their work. And sometimes it beats them up.

I am in awe of the wonderful YJC staff as well as those in other nonprofit organizations across our region. They are passionate, believing that we truly can provide opportunities and access for all. However at times, it can be difficult with so much beyond our control.

But for myself and others it’s worth it. We love when a young person moves into a job and shares with us how excited they are to go to work. We celebrate when a client chooses to stay home on a Saturday night to do college homework, a year after being on academic probation. Or the young person who delights over a promotion and raise, boosting their confidence and providing the foundation of success to build upon.

Despite setbacks, our staff remain focused on positive change. For the young people we support and for the larger community. In this newsletter you’ll read about YJC’s summer job opportunities, those first jobs on our path to a career. Our goal is to support these young people in finding a job, ultimately making a good wage and taking pride in their contribution to their community. They have a lot to be proud of. 

As do the YJC staff for their deep commitment to the work.


Karen T. Demorest
Executive Director