Out of school and looking for work? Youth Job Center can help you get the skills you need to find and keep a job.

Youth Job Center’s Core Out-of-School Youth program provides career exploration, personalized advising, skills training, job placement, and follow-up support, helping youth develop a strong foundation for future employment success.

The CORE Program works with young adults ages 16-25, many of which have experienced significant barriers including homelessness, a criminal record, a lack of childcare resources, and more. If you are out of school and out of work this program can help you build useful employment skills so you can find quality employment with the potential for career growth.

The Core Program consists of the following parts:

  • Intake - Work with YJC staff to understand your needs, skills, and career interests.

  • Work-Readiness Training (WRT) - Learn how to conduct a job search, build a resume, interview, and more. In a multi-day training you can develop your communication, customer service, and conflict resolution skills. Other topics covered during WRT include goal planning and career development, basic financial skills (budgeting and how to balance a checkbook), basic computer skills, professionalism, and workplace expectations.

  • Career Advising - Receive 1-on-1 career advising with a YJC Career Advisor. Career Advisor’s will help you explore and choose a career path based on your needs and interests, and assist you with putting together an actionable plan for how to pursue your goals. Career Advisors can also help you connect with mental health counseling, drug abuse counseling, housing support, educational support, healthcare & childcare resources, legal support (ongoing legal issues and records expungement), and more.

  • Job Placement - YJC Career Advisors and Employer Partner Manager will help you meet any needs for immediate employment and help you find work in your chosen career industry.

  • Retention Support - YJC Career Advisors will work with you for up to two years after you find work. This way you can stay connected to useful resources and come up with plans for how to advance in your job and career.

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