Evanston Alliance collaborates to improve workforce development in our community.

Evanston (July 2019) – On Thursday, May 30, an Evanston Workforce Alliance was awarded a $20,000 Responsive Grant from the Evanston Community Foundation. This award will support multiple organizations to work toward sustainable change in our community’s workforce development agencies, and embed collaboration and alignment in outreach, training, placement, data collection and sharing results for citizens of Evanston.

The result of this initial grant will be an evaluation of the local economy, defining a living wage in Evanston, what community services exist, and an implementation plan that outlines strengths of the organizations in our community as well as how people can connect to support as needed to move into careers with local employers. 

Our goal is a seamless coordination of workforce development for Evanston. Together, we can change HOW we work so all young people in our community have the opportunity to move into meaningful and living-wage careers.

Kevin Brown, Community Services Manager with the City of Evanston: “We are excited to collaborate on this initiative. We know that there are strong programs in our community, but we know we can do a better job working across our agencies to support every person in our community. The unrealized potential of any person is intolerable, and we are committed to making sure that doesn’t happen here.”

Workforce Alliance members currently are Evanston Cradle to Career, Youth Job Center, Inc., National Able Network, the Mayor’s Employer Advisor Council, and the City of Evanston. Other workforce development agencies are invited to join us in this effort.

For more information about the Alliance, call or email a Workforce Alliance member organization.

For more information about the Request for Proposal, contact Neil Gambow, Mayor’s Employment Advisory Council, neilnexnine@gmail.com


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