March 2019 Client of the Month

Isabella - high quality.png


Age: 25
Position: Office Manager
Patch Landscaping
April 2019

Isabella came to YJC in October 2018 because she was tired of being overworked and underpaid as a temp. She hoped to find a career path where she could not only support herself and her young son, but she could have personal fulfillment. During career exploration with YJC she discovered that she wanted to pursue a career in office management. Having been motivated by this discovery, Isabella persevered through multiple  barriers until she was successfully placed in an internship at Edgewater Chamber of Commerce. Weeks before the internship was scheduled to end, through hard work and self advocacy, Isabella had successfully networked to get an interview as an office manager at Patch Landscaping in Edgewater. She followed up the interview with a thank you email, and in the response from Patch received a job offer to start the next day. Within a few months, and lots of hard work, Isabella has succeeded in reaching her goal. Congratulations Isabella!