Client of the Month August 2018 - Brinity Johnson.png

Age: 19
Position: CNA
Employer:  Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion
Employed since: March 2018

Brinity started working with Youth Job Center following her graduation from Robeson High School. Despite graduating with  high honors, Brinity did not have a clear post-secondary plan developed when she left school.

Brinity enrolled in YJC’s Bridge Program the summer following high school graduation where she worked on defining her career goals and increasing her academic skills needed to continue education in the healthcare field. From there, Brinity enrolled in YJC’s Career Pathways program where she was able to complete a Nursing Assistant training program and become a state certified nursing assistant. Brinity did so well during the clinical portion of her training program, she was offered a position with the nursing home hosting the clinicals before she even graduated. Brinity still works at Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion as a CNA. Brinity said she doesn’t mind the long hours and hard work required for the job because she likes being able to develop relationships with the patients and provide a kind of “family support” that many of them don’t have anymore.

The final career goal that YJC is assisting Brinity with is enrolling in post-secondary education. Because she obtained her CNA certificate prior to enrolling in school, Brinity was able to enroll in an accelerated program at Malcom X College to obtain her Associate in Applied Science in Nursing to be a Registered Nurse. Brinity expects to graduate within 2 years and move into a hospital setting. At this point, Brinity is enrolled in school full-time, working part-time and on her way achieving all of her career goals.

Brinity’s journey is remarkable considering the lack of traditional supports she has received while working toward her career goals compared to many of her peers.  Her own motivation, self-discipline, and perseverance are to credit for much of her success at this point.  There were so many steps in the process that many people might experience as routine that Brinity had to move mountains to  accomplish. Although not quite at the finish line yet, Brinity is on her way to a career in a high-paying field with unlimited possibilities to advance. When her Career Advisor asked her what has kept her going so far: “I just can’t settle or stop moving. Nobody is going to do it for me”. Her Career Advisor agreed and asked her to remember the little guys when she’s running a hospital one day.

Way to go, Brinity!