July 2015 Client of the Month

Position: Prep Cook
Employer: Feast & Imbibe 

Ranaldo first joined Youth Job Center in 2012 when he was only 16 years of age at Evanston Township High School (ETHS). He loved to cook and his life's goal was to become a chef and start his own restaurant. He wanted to start work immediately and was a model participant in our Job Readiness Training program. Ranaldo graduated from ETHS while maintaining both seasonal and part-time positions. 

After graduating from high school, he wanted a career in what he is most passionate about and that is cooking. Ranaldo continued working his part-time position, until the opportune time arose for him to start his career journey. In February of 2015, the Youth Job Center started recruiting participants for their first Culinary Career Pathways Cohort (CCPC). When he was asked to be a participant, he knew his journey was starting. During the program, he was one of the stronger, more knowledgeable and serious students in the classroom and kitchen.

During an employer interview/meeting, Ranaldo met his employer/mentor D'Andre from Feast & Imbibe and they clicked immediately. D'Andre former Moto Sous Chef, saw a talented young cook that could only get better with the proper training and role model. Ranaldo completed his 14 week internship and did very well. He performed so well, he is now a full-time cook for Feast & Imbibe. Ranaldo is still on his career journey, but he has found a great mentor and a great family with Feast & Imbibe. The Youth Job Center is very proud of Ranaldo and we wish him the best of luck in years to come. We are confident we will be dining at his restaurant in the future.