Larry Suffredin

13th Cook County Board District Commissioner

Larry Suffredin's first job was delivering newspapers in sixth grade.

Suffredin is now the 13th Cook County Board District Commissioner, but he says that he always enjoyed delivering papers and collecting subscriptions for his two newspaper routes in middle school.

"My first job helped me figure out how to deal with people," says Suffredin.

Suffredin says that delivering papers also taught him how to be punctual, how to collect and account for money, and the importance of being polite and aware.

"You had to watch out for people's dogs chasing you," says Suffredin.

Most importantly, Suffredin values his first job for teaching him to make the best of any situation.

"I had no career path in mind then [when I first started working]," says Suffredin. "All the things that have happened have been good, though."