Peter Braithwaite

Evanston Alderman, 2nd Ward

Peter Braithwaite, alderman of Evanston's 2nd Ward, began his career working as a waiter and server in an assisted living facility during his summers in high school.

Braithwaite says that he would go to the beach in the mornings that summer and spend his afternoons working.

"There were kids from school [also working there]," says Braithwaite, "so it didn't feel like work."

Some of the most important skills he learned at his first job were responsibility to other people, the importance of being on time, and how to work as part of a team.

"Oh, and how to set a table," adds Braithwaite with a chuckle.

Most importantly, Braithwaite says his first job taught him how to provide service, a skill that is vital to his career today.

"I don't call it politics," says Braithwaite when asked about his career. "I choose to call it service."

Overall, Braithwaite describes his first job as a "wonderful experience."

"It paved the way for all of my future jobs," he says.