Mark Tendam

Evanston Alderman, 6th Ward

Mark Tendam is now the alderman of Evanston's 6th Ward, but he got his professional start as a domestic travel planner.

Tendam started his first job as a senior in high school, working for the American Automobile Association of Butler County, Ohio as a domestic travel planner.

Originally from Hamilton, Ohio, Tendam was already well-traveled at the time of his first job, but he enjoyed learning even more.

"I had [already] been to more than 40 states, 20 national parks, and many major travel destinations," says Tendam.

Tendam still uses many of the skills he gained in his first job today. He says that some of the most important skills he learned at his first job were how to speak with confidence, professional behavior, and the importance of meeting deadlines.

"I really disliked having Saturday hours," says Tendam, though he agrees his first job was an important start on his career path.