Doug Oettinger

Doug Oettinger.jpg

Principal and senior partner

ZS Associates

When did you join the YJC Board?


Why did you join the YJC Board?

Work is fundamental to happiness. Had help from parents and some very good mentors. Watched my kids and their friends figuring out how to get jobs – advantaged kids by any measure – and saw how hard and emotionally critical it was to them. Would like to help others.

What is your occupation?

Senior partner at ZS Associates, a global sales and marketing consulting firm headquartered in Evanston. Personal focus is commercial effectiveness (org design and change consulting, sales and marketing analytics, incentives and performance measures, customer engagement technologies, etc.)

What was your first job?

My first job was in high school. During the summer I mowed neighborhood lawns and in the winter I was an A/V technician for town hall and high school meetings.